Sea Tour Kayak at Thailand's  
Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island 

1-day kayak trip


Phang Nga NationalparkDiscover the secret of the wonderful world of Phang Nga, the silence and beauty of Phang Nga Bay with its countless steep rock formations rising out of the water, mysterious caves, pristine "Hongs" and the wealth of flora and fauna will not leave you indifferent!

Whether you while driving to our destination of the ship's cook in their preparation of the Thai lunch, watch, check with our German tour guide through the unique Phang Nga world or prefer to indulge in our cozy sun decks a little refreshment is entirely up to you. We are the only canoe tour company to German management. Our desire is to provide you and your children to make a memorable experience. For the positive voices of our guests after driving us to show that we have managed to deliver a successful mix of formation. Thailand experienced canoe guides will take you to places that have been discovered only recently. Take your time and see what has all this natural paradise, you'll be amazed!

  within the HongIf you want to just stay in one place because you will make you a good photo of the unknown or a small water dwellers want a closer look, simply a short note to your "guide". Water lovers have many opportunities to swim, canoe, or even to make it with one of our guides one of the many water features.


Daily schedule Kayak tour Phang Nga

After breakfast we will pick you up at your hotel and take you about 40 minutes to Ao Po, on the east coast of Phuket, where our ship thins by about 9.30 clock the anchor.

After an hour ride through the wonderful world Phang Nga's, we reach the first of the three "Hong", which we will visit. Our experienced canoe guide will steer the canoe passed through the caves and mangrove forests.

After the canoeing we serve Thai lunch on board and then drive to a secluded beach to swim and relax.

Arrival at your hotel is around the latest 18 clock.



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