Thailand's Khao Sok National Park

150 km north of Phuket is located in a jungle area of Khao Sok National Park.


The area is located at about 800 meters above sea level and is therefore cool and mosquito-free.

Ride through the landscape towards Khao Sok.


Visit an elephant camp


About 2 hours, elephant trekking through the jungle and stop swimming at the waterfall.

Next above the clouds pass in the jungle area of Khao Sok.


Kanu Khao Sok


Canoe trip through the unspoiled nature of the Khao Sok National Park (2 hours).

Away from the bustling civilization you glide past in a canoe along rock landscapes and lush vegetation.

Only here it is possible to observe monkeys and other wild animals in their natural environment.

Return to Phuket.



Performance: 1-day tour, German-, English-, French-speaking.

1 meal, elephant riding, canoeing.


Price: 3400. - Baht per person (min. 2 persons),



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