Phuket - Lamru National Park - Khao Lak - Khao Sok

Cliff + River Resort

First Day:  Phuket's west coast unknown, journey through the cultural landscape to

Khao Lak with a stop at Lumpi waterfall, lunch and swimming

On Robin boundary Otherwise, continue on the 'Cloud Pass "in the jungle area of

Khao Sok. Respect of the accommodation on the river (bungalows with toilet, shower and

electricity), Leisure. till dinner

khao lak beach


Khao Sok - Phang-Nga - Phuket Island


Second Day:  After breakfast together, visiting the work with elephants

Horseback riding, visiting a temple from the Vorthaizeit;

Jungle hike (2-4 hours) with swimming in the river, common

Lunch, back home through the Phang Nga area to Phuket '














Power:  2-day trip, German, English, Spanish and French speaking.

2 meals a day including soft drink, accommodation, elephant rides.


Price:  6.500. - Baht per person (min 2 persons).






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